Teeth discoloration – What are the causes?


If you have been observing other people as they talk, you probably have noticed that some of them have yellowish or stained teeth. Or, maybe even yours have already lost their natural whiteness too. Such dental condition can be embarrassing because if you have teeth discoloration, this shows that you are not keen when it comes to taking care of your dental health. It has something to do with your hygiene too.

Below, we are going to talk about the main causes of teeth stains. Read on so you would know what to avoid.

The causes of teeth discoloration

1. Poor dental hygiene

hdhjd874Like what we have said earlier, having stained teeth has something do with your dental hygiene. Stains will start to appear on the outer surface of your teeth if you are not brushing properly. Every time you eat or drink something, some particles get stuck in your teeth, and if you don’t brush, floss, or rinse properly, those particles will soon turn into a yellowish or brownish color.

2. Cigarette smoking

Smoking cigarettes is another cause of teeth stains. These tobacco products contain tar as well as nicotine that can stain your teeth. Once the yellow or brown stain covers your teeth, it would almost be impossible to remove the discoloration unless you avail of professional dental cleaning services.

If you don’t stop smoking, the stain will get worse. It can even cause tooth decay.

3. Aging

As you get old, your teeth will start to lose their strength; the same is true with the whiteness of their enamels. This is why if you take a look at some older people, their teeth are brownish in color.

4. Excessive fluoride

Fluoride helps achieve healthy teeth, BUT excessive exposure to this mineral is not healthy as it can also contribute to the worsening of teeth discoloration.

How to avoid teeth stains

jhfjhfd874First of all, you have to avoid all the things that we have mentioned above. You need start practicing good dental hygiene, avoid foods and drinks that can cause discoloration, stop using tobacco products, and avoid the excessive use of fluoride.

If you already have stains on your teeth, you can visit your dentist. However, this may cost you a lot of money since you will be paying for professional fees. With this, you can avail of teeth whitening products. You can look up the teeth whitening kit cost online, and you will be surprised to see that it is way cheaper than going to a dentist.