Educate Yourself On Egg Freezing For Pregnancy


Annually, lots of women decide to freeze their eggs. In this way, they for options to start their families at a later stage. If you want to freeze your eggs, you need to understand the benefits to egg freezing, risks, and other facts. In this way, you can choose whether to go for it or not.

Things to know about egg freezing

IVF procedures

These procedures involve ovarian stimulation. In fact, egg retrieval and transfer of embryo are some of the procedures dohejhfieuhiugw5ne. You should note that ovarian stimulation involves different fertility injections that are meant to enhance egg development in a woman. Egg retrieval process involves removing of the egg from a woman after it attains a particular level of maturity. In this process, placing an embryo in a woman carrying the child is part of the procedure.

Cryopreservation procedure reasons

Most women discover that chances of advancing their careers are affected by having children
at some point in life. However, others are sure that getting a child later in life is the best option. Also, women want to wait until they attain a given level of financial  independence before they start growing a family. You may also want to wait until you get the right partner. If you are undergoing some forms of medical treatments like chemotherapy, you may find it advisable to undertake an egg freezing program. Cryopreservation is used where IVF treatment was unsuccessful.

The process

Usually, this knfuiahg7procedure is completed in less than one hour. When you choose to undertake the treatment, you need to know both the benefits and risks involved. In this case, ultrasound and preliminary blood tests are done. Ovaries are stimulated using fertility injections. You may start experiencing symptoms such as sore breasts and hot flashes after getting fertility injections. After a couple of weeks, you will return to the clinic to have your eggs removed.

About frozen eggs

There are several reasons for freezing eggs. For instance, it offers a woman an opportunity to use a few embryos at a particular time during IVF procedures. In this way, you can improve outcomes of the subsequent IVF procedures. This also increases your chances of carrying a child to term.

Frozen egg success

Before this option, most women to rush the procedure to increases conception rates during IVF treatments. Unfortunately, multiple embryos could easily be fertilized. Also, some unused embryos had to be discarded or even donated to others that are facing infertility issues.